Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lynne is out jogging with her friend Alice. She asks Alice to confirm to her that her personal trainer promised her to get her fit for last week's mini marathon. Alice does confirm this and adds that if he didn't he swore he'd carry her round the course. Lynne decides this is the reason why he is off work now with a bad back.

Alice is a lady we've met before and she is constantly looking to lose weight. This current regime has involved training for a mini marathon, which was last week. Even though it has been and gone, Alice is determined to lose weight so has decided to continue with her jogging regime and asked Lynne to join her. He jogging route takes her into town past a woman's shop presumably so she can window shop whilst losing weight.

Alice is visibly sweating now which shows that she is indeed not fit. Having looked at her physique and age, her personal trainer may have been a little foolish with his oath. Just how long has he been her personal trainer? It seems that he is new to her and thought his previous track record would be good enough to whip Alice into shape. There could be an explanation that he has been Alice's personal trainer for a while now and he was at the end of his tether and made a wild promise to try and spur Alice into action.

Lynne has made an assumption that the personal trainer is off work with a bad back due to carrying Alice around the course. We do not know if this is the real reason and neither does Lynne. It is likely that Alice's personal trainer is also Lynne's personal trainer, hence why they have to run together today. Alice looks a little shocked at Lynne and is now fuming at what she has just heard. Alice will undoubtedly turn to Lynne and say 'No actually he did it lifting a wardrobe. I did the mini marathon and ran the 3 miles in 30 minutes actually, so bugger off.' Alice will calm down later but the friendship may be in tatters. If only she simply produced her certificate for finishing. You would think that she would carry it around because she is so proud of her achievements.

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  1. Unless, of course, Alice didn't get a certificate because she didn't finish as she is too fat and lazy. My money's on her running past the shops so she can stock up on pies and cream cakes.