Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lynne is cooking for 'Mantha. She then tells 'Mantha that Nancy met the man of her dreams when she ordered a takeaway. 'Mantha marvels at the fortune of Nancy but Lynne sets her straight when she tells her that this man was married with six children.

This friend Nancy must have pretty low standards if the man of her dreams is a takeaway delivery man. Do prospects not come into it when thinking about dream partners? We do not know what this delivery man looked like but if his job is a delivery man then it seems Nancy needs to set her targets a little higher. She may just have been happy that the pizza place just delivered something, regardless of the topping.

After all that she didn't even get a whole pizza as Lynne tells 'Mantha she only got a slice. It now all fits together. The delivery man does actually have quite an interesting day job, perhaps artist or musician, but as it doesn't pay well and he has so many mouths to feed at home he has had to take on a second job of pizza man to pay the bills. He is so destitute that he had to eat all but one slice of the pizza he was delivering to Nancy on the way over. To recompense her, he has agreed to go out with Nancy, but only when it fits around his busy schedule of having two jobs, a wife and six children.

How nice it is for Lynne to cook for 'Mantha. It's not every day that a friend will cook for you. However 'Mantha may be getting a little more than she bargained for as by the end we can see that Lynne is topless underneath that apron. Of course there is a logical explanation. Lynne and 'Mantha have been sunbathing and Lynne unfortunately has got badly sunburnt on her back, as we can see, so it is quite painful for her to put her top back on. She asks politely if 'Mantha minds if she just puts an apron on while the aftersun lotion does its work. 'Mantha is fine with that.

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