Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lynne is at a bar and asks her friend, Maggie, how her driving test went. Maggie replies that her examiner commended her on reversing out of a tight space. Lynne asks where that was and Maggie replies that it was Mr and Mrs Smith's front garden.

Lynne and Maggie are at a trendy bar called BAR. Lynne is drinking red wine and Maggie is drinking white wine. BAR is not specifically a wine bar, but these women do not think it is very womanly to drink spirits during the day or beer at any time in public spaces. Lynne and Maggie do not want to get too drunk tonight so the wines they have ordered are small measures. We do not know if they will go on to a restaurant, if BAR serves food or if food is on the agenda at all.

Maggie has recently had a driving test. Lynne is probably interested in her friend's news but also she is hoping Maggie finally passes so she doesn't have to drive her home every time they meet for a drink and/or dinner. Maggie doesn't really let on if she passed or not - perhaps this is one of those things she does; being ambiguous in her replies to keep up the tension. Lynne isn't falling for it. She keeps calm and goes along with Maggie's game, just to humour her.

Lynne thinks this is a game but just look at the serious face on Maggie when she tells Lynne where she had to reverse out of. This is not funny in the slightest. Lynne knows it and is so shocked she spills some of her small red wine. Either Maggie is not allowed near Mr and Mrs Smith or Mr and Mrs Smith are feared in the neighbourhood. If it is the former then Maggie is looking at a court date, a large fine and perhaps a prison sentence. How could she have been so foolish? Did she not know the test route went right past Mr and Mrs Smith's house? It may be that she failed the last three tests for speeding past their house. It's a built up area and the limit is 30mph. If it's the latter then she's in even more trouble. It's at this point that Lynne has to calculate just how long Maggie has until they find her. She needs to get out of town and fast. Maybe BAR is at the train station. The scarf she is wearing is certainly that of a traveller. Run and hide Maggie, it's your only choice. She could of course just be really bad at driving and Lynne is astonished at her friend's ineptitude. Lynne, your friend is either a criminal, likely to be dead in a week or plain stupid - lose her.

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