Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Lynne has found a note from George saying he has gone fishing and complains to herself that he won't come home with anything. Later, George finds a note from Lynne saying she has gone shopping and complains to himself that she will come home with everything.

George and Lynne are quite impersonal to each other. In this age before mobile phones, the lack of detail and sentiment in these notes is very noticeable. George's note says that he has gone fishing. We must assume that he had not previously planned to go as Lynne would have known about it. He must have decided this either when Lynne was in the shower or when Lynne has been out. His ambiguous note may be a passive-aggressive response to an altercation with Lynne where she has gone out without telling George, let alone giving him the full details. Two can play at that game thought George.

Lynne had gone out to buy rubber gloves, we know that now, and had to put them on to fish a £1 note out of a puddle she dropped on the way home. As you can imagine, she is in a foul mood after this incident and George's note has not helped. She does not know when he went out, which part of the canal he has gone to or when he'll be back. To be honest, she doesn't even know if it's him that has gone out. Not even a G nor a small x.

George and Lynne may not be very forthcoming with their details this time round, but they have been together so long that they both have the same handwriting. Whether it is an amalgamation of their original handwriting, or one has started to write like the other we do not know, but there's no difference between those n and h formations. One alternative explanation is that Lynne actually wrote both these notes. She was originally telling George that she was going fishing for £1 notes in puddles, hence the rubber gloves, but neglected to write the 'for £1 notes' on her note. Coincidentally, George has actually gone fishing and Lynne has read her original note through squinted eyes, thus not realising it was hers. In her rage, she has gone shopping. Luckily for George, she is only going to spend the £1 note she found in a puddle so she won't come back with everything, only one pound's worth.

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  1. An unusual episode in our heroes' lives as Lynne hasn't got her norks hanging out. On the other hand, it is possible to see George's enormous rod.