Monday, September 21, 2009


George and Lynne are out and see a lady getting undressed through a window. George comments that she might not know the curtains are see through and that someone should tell her. Later, whilst getting ready for bed herself, Lynne comments that she thinks the lady does it deliberately and that she wouldn't dream of doing anything like that, even though she is wearing a sheer night dress.

George's comment certainly sticks in Lynne's mind. They could just be going out to, or perhaps coming back from an evening out. By George's attire we'll say that it's a cinema evening. During this time Lynne has been thinking about the undressing lady. If they were just leaving in the first pane then it must have ruined her enjoyment of the film. She was constantly nudging George trying to tell him that she must do it deliberately, with George shushing her. The other people also got annoyed with Lynne's whispering and Terms Of Endearment was actually ruined for a few.

Now they are home, Lynne has remembered because she could have easily mentioned it to George in the car home. George was probably waxing lyrical about Shirley MacLaine's performance. He was right to as it was Oscar winning. George also predicted Oscar wins for Sally Field and Meryl Streep but wasn't impressed by Diane Keaton. This last one may be because he 'doesn't get Woody Allen.'

George, basking in his ability to pick Best Actress nominees, has donned some rather fetching pyjamas. The jacket of these pyjamas doesn't have any buttons though so it must be some sort of dressing gown. I can only assume Lynne bought these for George. He's not a man who would take time over a pyjama purchase. Maybe that means he did buy them himself. It was only when he got home did he realise that the jacket had no buttons. In his stubbornness he has decided against returning them and now wears the dressing gown top for pre bed conversation but discards it just before he falls asleep, thus keeping him cool in the nighttime without the uncomfortable feeling of a dressing gown pyjama jacket riding up around his back. He will have to reconsider this night garment when winter sets in as he could get rather chilly.

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