Thursday, September 3, 2009


George has just returned from fishing. Lynne asks him if he caught anything. George replies that he only caught an old boot which he is carrying but he'd like to keep it in case he catches the other one in the pair. Lynne sighs and puts it with the other footwear that George must have caught on previous fishing trips.

Lynne is only wearing underwear and a dressing gown. This means that is must be early morning or late evening as any self respecting adult, which Lynne is, would never wear underwear in the middle of the day. It seems light outside so George must have gone for a very early morning fishing trip. A trip to the canal at 6 in the morning can be invigorating and George feels a lot better for it. He looks happy and not at all disappointed that he didn't catch any fish today.

George doesn't ever seem to have caught any fish though. The only time he has ever come close to catching a fish is when Sammy felt a hard tug on his fishing rod. So it's Sammy who is the fishing master. He has a secret bait that he puts on the end of the line; it's a barbecue Wotsit. George doesn't use this bait as Sammy has kept it a secret. What does George use? By the look of it, nothing at all. Or is it just his location of fishing? If Sammy is getting catches but George isn't then it's bait and technique, but somehow I get the impression that Sammy wasn't part of this trip.

So George continues to fish on his own only catching shoes and boots. Does he realise that these trips are failures? Lynne doesn't have the heart to tell him. Maybe George is a little deranged? After all these unsuccessful trips you would think he would rethink his location. But Lynne isn't being fair. Looking at this collection of boots we see that George has managed to catch a pair. The brown pair in the middle. Maybe this was all he wanted to do and once he did he would then move on to a different part of the canal. It seems George will continue his mission to find a pair until the day he dies.

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  1. I think you're a little harsh on poor George here. Sure he's deranged; Who wouldn't be with busty wife whose beauty is only matched by her lack of intelligence and penchant for naff jokes?
    No, Lynne is as equally batty as she is clearly waiting at home, in her smalls, for George to CATCH her some clothes! This would of course explain why she seems to spend most of her time naked or at least partially so.
    George should earn our admiration for doggedly trying to clothe his (frankly) wanton wife by angling.