Monday, September 7, 2009


George and Lynne are out walking in the park. They bump into a couple to whom Lynne asks where they met. The woman says that they met in that very park whilst walking their dogs. Lynne assumes that the dogs started chasing each other thus leading to a meeting. The man tells Lynne that the dogs were actually on leads. The woman says that it was Kevin, who is the man, and her who were chasing each other. Then Kevin chases her.

George is wearing a tie so it is likely he has come straight from work, either that or a Cars concert. It was probably a lot cooler earlier but the weather has got a lot warmer so George has decided to carry his jacket instead of wearing it. He has gone for the very informal over the shoulder fling rather than the more formal carefully draped over the forearm. This is understandable for a walk in the park, I would expect that a trip to the theatre would need a more formal jacket carrying technique.

Now we've seen this woman before. She looks remarkably like this woman from the roller rink. This woman is also seen with a man she recently met called Kevin. There are two explanations for this. The first is that this is a different man called Kevin. This would be strange for a woman to meet two men called Kevin in the same week, but not impossible. The other explanation is that this is the same man called Kevin. There are a few problems with this explanation. The first is that Lynne already knows the story of how this woman met Kevin, so why would she ask her again? The second is that this woman is obviously a liar. She gave a completely different account of her and Kevin's meeting less than one week ago. The third is that the man has longer hair than the previous Kevin, but maybe it grew.

Perhaps Lynne knows this woman is a compulsive liar and has spotted her far off. She has then turned to George and said "Look there's that woman. Every time I ask her how she met her boyfriend she gives a completely different account. First time she met him in a shop, next time she met him at a concert. I wonder what it will be this time." Finally, not only is this woman a liar, but she just leaves her dogs with George and Lynne. I bet they're not even her dogs.


  1. She may be a liar, but she's jolly well educated. How many people would actually say, correctly of course, "It was Kevin and I" rather than Kevin and me. This lady is to be commended

  2. The red haired lady is played by Rula Lenska, Kevin is played by Michael Ball.