Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Lynne is at the gym with an unnamed friend. During a turn on the exercise bikes, Lynne tells her friend that Robbie and Ruthie have had another falling out. Her friend is upset at this news but asks if they will get back together. Lynne says that they won't because they were in a hot air balloon.

This is a tragic tale which we are fortunate enough to hear from Lynne rather than seeing the actual incident. Robbie and Ruthie have had a turbulent relationship. Who knows how many arguments they have had along the way. The friend isn't surprised about this latest spat, but she is upset about it. To the friend, it is almost as if this may be the last argument they will have as it spells the impending end to their relationship.

However, she did not think that the end would come this way, with the two of them falling to their death from a hot air balloon. The tragic irony was that they weren't even arguing at the time. Robbie had taken Ruthie up in a hot air balloon to propose to her. He went down on one knee and produced a ring. She said yes. They hugged and due to their over exuberant embrace they stumble and fall over the side of the basket.

The friend is visibly stunned by the news, but Lynne seems expressionless. She says it quite cold, but not in a joke. Perhaps she had a part in it, or perhaps she never liked Ruthie and Robbie. No, there would be a wry smile as she turned away from her friend. This is the look of a stone cold killer. Lynne rigged the hot air balloon to have a dodgy side. They didn't stumble, they leant on the basket and it gave way because Lynne had tampered with it. This is a secret Lynne will take with her to her grave for if she lets it out her life will be over.

There's a lot of darkness in the lives of suburbanites.


  1. This'll explain some of Lynne's famous half-hour pauses.

  2. Lynne's friend should watch her back. Wearing the exact same outfit as a psychotic blonde killer could lead to her suffering the same fate as poor Ruthie.

  3. The most disturbing thing about this is the way Lynne feels the need to take her shoulder straps off her top to say "Not this time"

    That must have been unsettling.

    Charles Calthrop

  4. she's wearing a halter.

  5. This episode is obviously taking place in the distant future, probably the year 2000. All people will then be riding around on the bikes featured in the film Tron. Clothes will be futuristic too, bikinis for women, polo necked jumpsuits for men. Some women will also have futuristic looking streaks in their hair.
    Aeroplanes will be a thing of the past. All air travel will be in city sized hot air balloons.