Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The post comes through the letterbox and Lynne tells George. Moments later, Lynne collects the mail and asks George why she always has to pick it up. George makes out that he doesn't know but it's because he can see his wife's knickers.

Todays post consists of 7 letters. As this is before email, we would expect some of these letters will be actual correspondence with friends. A letter from a friend who no longer lives in the area, a thank you note from Ken for coming to his party, an invite for next year's Barker's Summer Party. One letter has an air of mystery about it. This one is the letter without an address on it, yet it does have a stamp. How did the postman know to deliver it to George and Lynne's? The only explanation would be that the sender address is the same as another going to George and Lynne's that day. Maybe it was Sammy and 'Mantha's invite to the Barker's Summer Party. They made such an impression that they have been invited again, but the Barkers did not know their address. Why they didn't just phone George to find out their address, I don't know.

George wants to look at his wife's bum. This is a woman who seldom wears clothes so why he is grasping at straws to find ways to see her in compromising positions. This is similar to the barge incident. It must be a ritual that he can't let go of. Ever since they were first together, George has always looked at Lynne's bum when she bent down to pick up the post and he just can't let it go. Either that or he had a bad experience with a letter with no address before. He once opened it to find it was an envelope full of razor blades from a disgruntled postman. The postman should know that he should have written an address on the envelope in order to cover his tracks. But maybe his handwriting is so unique that it would have given him away.


  1. Interestingly, the non-addressed letter also has the stamp in the wrong corner - alarm bells must be ringing loud and clear in George's mind. He has an attractive blonde wife with an aversion to clothes, a total stalker-magnet. Were Barry George not an innocent man and victim of a miscarriage of justice, I would make a joke here suggesting the letter was from him.

  2. I think they must be expecting something important in the post. Otherwise, why would Lynne shout to George that the post has arrived. Unless of course, Lynne wants George to watch her bending over. As she appears to have no knickers on, perhaps this is some play acting that they enjoy as a prelude to sex. Perhaps they enjoy the postman looking through the letter box as they get it on.

    There are hidden depths to George and Lynne.

  3. Maybe "George" isn't his first name at all, but his surname. George is the brother of innocent Queen-fan Barry George. "George" is embarrassed by the family connection, which is why he goes by just his surname, like Morrissey.

    Poor Barry keeps trying to build bridges with "Just George" after his recent troubles, but George has always been a staunchly 'no-smoke-without-fire' sort of chap. Lynne won't have him in the house, he tells his friends.

    Which makes Lynne's name Lynne George. One can only imagine her maiden name was a bit more glamorous, not that she'd considered keeping her name after marriage. That's a bit too political for her, although she does enjoy it when George makes a weak joke about bra-burning.

    I bloody love this blog, by the way.