Thursday, September 17, 2009


George is talking to his neighbour over the fence. He tells the neighbour that his doctor has told him that he has the energy of a young man. The neighbour, who looks weak, asks him how he does it. Lynne butts in and says it is because he conserves his energy while George enjoys a drink and a paper.

Initially it seems this neighbour lives on the other side of George and Lynne's house to the man with the pencil moustache. However, when the angle changes it could be that this man does live with the man with the pencil moustache. On closer inspection, the fence has been white washed here whereas before it had a natural wood finish. Maybe the weedy man painted it and the man with the pencil moustache is his younger brother who has learning difficulties. Or perhaps they are lovers. The weedy man is certainly striking some effeminate poses. The hand on hip posture is a dead giveaway and he's far more interest in talking to George and hasn't even passed at Lynne.

Once again, George is neglecting his gardening duties, much to the annoyance of Lynne. It's all very well George refusing to hire a gardener, but that lawn isn't going to mow itself. Make a decision George - either get a gardener or pull your weight. Let's use that energy you've been talking about.

So George went to the doctor to have an energy check? I'm not sure there is really such thing. I can understand a blood pressure and cholesterol check but is the doctor really going to ask George to perform 20 squat thrusts and then write a presentation on the Tudors? To be honest, George should get a new doctor. This one has failed to spot George's acute jaundice. If he doesn't get a new liver he'll be dead by Christmas.


  1. The jaundice is terrible, poor George. You'd have thought Lynne would have said something, but perhaps she thinks it's her cooking.

  2. To be fair, anyone would be utterly fascinated by George's Greek statue-meets-Morrissey voguing in panel 2.

    Great website by the way.

  3. Ahem...vest. Need I say any more?

  4. The fence posts are on George and Lynne's side so it's probably their fence. It's unlikely that the weedy man would have painted it.