Thursday, September 10, 2009


George and Lynne are out and about. Lynne is wearing high heels and George comments that he doesn't see the point of her wearing them because they are bad for her feet. Lynne says they are good for morale while some men look at her.

Once again George is too hot for his coat and again he is casually throwing it over his shoulder. He has dressed smartly so he has most likely come from work to meet Lynne. Lynne is dressed up so perhaps they are going to dinner tonight. We hope George transfers the jacket to his forearm before entering the restaurant. We can forgive George for having his jacket with him because he has to dress smartly for work. His job as a top property solicitor requires him to meet clients on a daily basis.

One would assume that George and Lynne are walking in front of a pub or tavern because there are men sitting at tables outside. It must be a very popular pub because it seems that it has its own multistory car park in the background. It must be one of those super pubs.

Lynne is saying that the shoes are good for morale because she believes that they make men look at her in way which suggests they are attracted to her. The men in the last panel are certainly attracted to Lynne, whether its her shoes or dress that has caught their attention is debatable, but the men in the second panel seem to be attracted to her for a totally different reason. By the way one man is wearing a low cut back top and another wearing a vest and choker it suggests that they like her outfit for its fashion sense rather than the way it shows off her cleavage. So this is a gay super pub with its own multistory car park. Wimbledon really was rather cosmopolitan in the late 70s.


  1. The bloke in the purple top is just keeping his gay friends company, he is Metrosexual. He appears to be arranging his legs to disguise his obvious excitement, as I would if I'd had a couple of beers and saw Lynne tottering and wobbling past.

  2. Looks to me like the guy in the purple shirt is knocking one out.