Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lynne is out with an unnamed friend. The friend tells Lynne that her fiance took her to an expensive shop and told her to choose whatever she liked. Lynne says that this was nice. However, her friend tells her that this fiance is now an ex-fiance as she chose Kevin who works there. Kevin shows up.

What are Lynne and her friend doing? They are near some trees so it may be a park. They are dressed as if it were summer so the weather must be fine. By the action of the man on the right it looks like they are either ice skating or roller skating. It can't be ice skating as its summer so they must be roller skating, or in-line skating. The green floor suggest they are on grass, the worst surface to attempt to roller skate on. Perhaps it is a green rubber type flooring that they use on children's playgrounds. Strange that the roller skating rink would be populated by the older members of the community. Everyone seems at least 30. Maybe the kids are too cool for that. Or maybe they're all in school.

At first read, this friend of Lynne seems like every other of her friends who is as flakey as the next and would rather go home with a man than pay for her share of the bill at a restaurant. But if we look closely, this lady is much more of a romantic. She is taken by her fiance to a shop, not just any shop but an expensive shop, and told to have anything she wants. Any other of these friends probably would've found some loophole and asked to have to top floor or the delivery van or something ridiculously expensive just to prove she has the richest boyfriend in the area. This lady on the other hand believes in love at first sight.

When she saw Kevin labelling items in that expensive shop she knew she had to have him. However many years she spent with her fiance now meant nothing compared to that look that Kevin gave her as their eyes met across an Edwardian chaise lounge. When their hands touched over a Victorian silver tea set, she shivered. Even the prospect of driving away in a Rolls Royce was not tempting enough to not spend the rest of her life with Kevin, who worked there. You see, this woman has given up a life of jewels and presents to be with someone who works in a shop. Lynne looks happy, as she finally has a friend who she can be proud of. Spare a thought for the fiance though, who has probably retelling the exact story to George and Sammy in the pub.

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