Wednesday, September 9, 2009


George and Lynne are out and about. They see a lady coming out of a red sports car holding a small dog. Lynne says that this lady, Kate, has the dog as a fashion accessory. After seeing two different men come to see the dog, George wonders whether it is actually an accessory to attract men.

Today is a much more casual affair. George is wearing a t-shirt under what looks like a suede jacket and Lynne is wearing a nice dress. This is attire for shopping, maybe a light lunch or an impromptu dinner. Therefore George and Lynne aren't going anywhere formal. So, on their way to, or back from, wherever it is they have planned to be they see Kate. Kate is getting out of her car in front of some town houses. Maybe she is going home, or to a local vet.

There is no doubt that this woman with her small dog is certainly attracting men. Whether it is the woman or the dog which is attracting the men is a different question. Stereotype would say that gay men would be attracted by small dogs, but then again these men could be heterosexual and are using the small dog as a conversation starter in order to talk to this attractive woman. It certainly helps to break the ice to compliment someone on their dog, or enquire whether they found Cesar dog food hard to find when it changed its name from Mr Dog.

These men be thinking about using this dog as a way to talk to Kate, but they don't actually seem to be saying anything. The first man just stands quite close to Kate without saying anything and Kate doesn't even seem to notice him. By the time the second man comes up, who's fashion icon is Art Garfunkel, the first man is well on his way out of there. Art gets closer to Kate but still stays silent. He's using the technique of hoping that a woman can hear your breathing and hope she turns round and notices you. We can only imagine how close the next man will get whilst Art is trudging away, cursing himself for not saying those two simple words - "Nice dog."


  1. I think the men are more interested in her Datsun 240Z, it might even be the new 280ZX.

  2. Trying to break the ice by talking about the name change from Mr Dog to Cesar would not be a very successful strategy, as this is the 70s and the name change is therefore not due to happen for at least a decade. The men could be trying to impress her with the clairvoyant knowledge that the name is going to change several years hence, but as it will be a very long time before they are proved right, she would need a very good memory (and the men would need a great deal of patience) for the strategy to prove fruitful.

  3. The 'Art' man is future "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan. In his younger days he studied Animal Management at Kingston Poly and wore his hair in a semi Afro. He is experimenting with a technique he calls 'whispering'. He doesn't have much success with it until the 21st century.

  4. Whatever Man 1 came to admire, it clearly disappointed him.

  5. No mention of the Jaundice epidemic that I had falsely assumed to be dying out? Still, nice to see that Art isn't letting his illness prevent him from leading a full life.

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