Monday, September 14, 2009


George and Lynne are out for a walk by the river. George notices Ben, the new Angling Club secretary is fishing nearby. Just then he catches a large fish which George is impressed with and confirms this by saying "What a catch!" Lynne agrees but she is referring to Ben and not the fish.

George, being a man verging on middle age, prefers to tuck his t-shirt into his jeans even when out for a casual stroll. He therefore can't be too hot because if he were he may opt for untucking his t-shirt to allow more air flow to his torso area. By tucking in, he minimises the draft brought on by the extra wind from the river.

George is a keen, if unsuccessful, fisherman but is always amazed at anyone who catches any fish at all, may be due to his propensity to only catch footwear. The fish Ben has caught is of moderate size but I don't think warrants a wow. That is, of course, unless no one has caught a fish on this river since 1912. The fish that was caught is now of folklore. Some say it was 10 feet long, others a sardine.

Ben is a man whose casual attire consists of a waistcoat and beaded necklace. He has the stance of a young David Essex and it is not hard to see why Lynne is attracted to him. Ben knows no rules. He lives free and eats what he catches. He most likely lives on a barge and regularly takes local young women back to it for a night cap, where he will unceremoniously conquer them leaving them wanting more. No kiss good bye for these girls, Ben is already opening the lock for his next adventure. He has become more grounded recently by becoming the Angling Club secretary. This position will only be short lived though as he looks like he is keeping that fish, and the sport of angling involves putting the fish back in the water. As soon as George reports back, Ben will be long gone, with the memory of Lynne's smile keeping him company on those long canal nights.

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  1. There is of course, even more to this story than meets the eye.
    Ben has recently moved to the area, lured by whispered rumours in the surrounding community of topless women frequenting the local waterways. Not only that but topless women who are so desperate they throw themselves at some crusty retired sailor.
    Now, top marks to Ben. Not content with a bit of stalking (like others in the area) he brushes up his angling skills and becomes the secretary of the local angling club to lend credibility to his standing!
    How ironic then, that the only girl Ben sees is Lynne in a rare moment when she is sensibly attired (albeit in a matching T-shirt and shorts combo that she has recently dyed, managing to get some of the colour on her left cheek in the process!)