Wednesday, July 8, 2009


George and Lynne are on holiday on a barge. Lynne thinks it is a great holiday and George agrees. Lynne comments that she understand why it is called a narrowboat as she sees that it is narrow. George agrees as it means he can press up against Lynne.

It's surprising that Sammy and 'Mantha aren't with them but I suppose it's dangerous for Sammy to go near water when he's smashed, and you need some time away once in a while.

George once again seems to need an excuse to fornicate with his liberally dressed wife. Before he tried to use 'research' as an excuse to be intimate with his wife, now he uses the width, or lack of, of the barge to press up against his wife. Just give her some flowers and come home late from work. And now he has one of those awkward stiffies that he'll have to hide.

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