Monday, September 13, 2010


George and Lynne are at a drinks party. George tells Lynne that when it comes to chat-up lines, Jack has a real way with words. As a woman throws a drink in Jack's face, Lynne says that he obviously didn't get away with those words.

The party George and Lynne are attending is posh but not so posh that George has to wear a bow tie. In fact, looking around, all the men are wearing black suits, white shirts and black ties and the woman talking to Jack has a black dress on. Granted it's quite revealing, but it could be that this is a wake at a funeral.

If it is a funeral, some people here are being extremely inappropriate. Firstly we have Lynne who has decided to attend this funeral in a pink cocktail dress. What must the bereaved be thinking when she walked in? Her only excuse is that she has come straight from a cocktail party and didn't have time to change. But quite what she was doing at a cocktail party in the middle of the day is anyone's guess.

The second person being inappropriate is Jack. A wake is not the place to try out your new pick up lines. No wonder the woman has thrown her drink in his face. It must be that she is the bereaved. He should have waited a bit longer to crack on to the wife of the recently deceased.


  1. Surely the facial similarity is a clue - Jack is George's wastrel older brother.

  2. The orange-headed woman has just been bitten by a Chihuahua, and has involuntarily twisted round and lost her drink in the gentleman Jack's face; nothing more than that. Later on, she accepts Jack's invitation for a date.

  3. It could be a 'Tarts and FBI Agents' party.