Tuesday, September 7, 2010


George and Lynne are out jogging. George is lagging behind and says that he isn't as fit as he thought. They then see two joggers and George picks up the pace. Lynne asks him if he just got his second wind.

One of the reasons that George might be out of breath and too hot is that he has decided to go jogging in a light summer jacket and white slacks while Lynne has opted for a small top and shorts combo. Lynne is a seasoned runner, so she knows best when it comes to judging attire in relation to heat.

George must feel even more silly when he passes the other runners, who appear to be Steve Cram and Seb Coe. They too are wearing more ventilated running apparel and seem to be moving a lot easier because of it.

Lynne asks if George is getting his second wind. She must think this because the red has gone out of his cheeks. What she doesn't realise is that by the look on his face he is probably fainting, with the blood going from his face as he turns pale. Even worse, he could be having a heart attack. Whatever is happening, poor George does not look well.


  1. It took me a long time to understand this strip and I probably still don't. Why did George get his breath back when he passed the other two joggers?

    Was he embarassed at their coolness?
    Was he worried that Lynne might shift her affections?
    Is there perhaps a homophobic overtone?

  2. I think the idea is that George has caught up with Lynne to stop the other two joggers flirting with her. Given Lynne's previous he is wise to do so.

    At what cost though? It looks to me as if George is keeling over in the last picture.

  3. George would be better advised to take up outdoor swimming: he is better suited to it, as his subcutaneous upholstery would resist hypothermia.
    Also, by now he should have realised know that it is better not to compete where he cannot succeed but to become competent in an equally valid exercise realm.

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