Wednesday, September 1, 2010


George, Lynne and Sammy are outside. Sammy tells them that he hoped to be a scientist once. George asks him what stopped him. Sammy tells them that is was because no one took him seriously. Both George and Lynne laugh and Sammy exclaims that that is the problem right there.

Where on earth are they? Lynne is topless and watering and George and Sammy are on loungers so that would suggest it's George and Lynne's back garden. But just look at it! Either they have to most overgrown garden ever or their house backs on to a forest. It's huge. The house is nowhere to be seen and George and Sammy can't even stretch their legs without dipping into a bush or shrubbery. Lynne shouldn't have a watering can, she should have a scythe.

George and Lynne laugh when Sammy tells them his dream of being a scientist. These are not friends. Sammy has dreamed of being a scientist since he was a small boy. Even his mother laughed at him which made him very self conscious and lowered his self confidence. The laughing continued from his teachers and peers. It wasn't long before Sammy hit the bottle, and you can see why. Drink was his only escape from the constant ridicule. He will now go home and drink himself into a stupor. Of course what he should be doing is working on that experiment, but with that amount of sauce inside him, he's likely to burn the house down.


  1. Sammy would've been better off becoming a doctor. Poor George seems to be having some kind of fit in the last frame.

  2. the garden has gotten out of hand as George objected to hire a gardener (in case he ogled Lynne). The lazy git needs to get himself out of that deck chair and make up for the lack of hired help.

  3. I'm a bit concerned that she's outside in her scants when it is clearly very very cloudy, there is not one bit of blue in that sky above! Her nips must be like thimbles!

    That guy can't be a scientist anyway, he has no beard.

  4. I think the question has to be asked. Why are George and Sammy discussing thwarted ambition when Lynne is there topless?

  5. You should know by now that George isn't interested unless he's instigated the toplessness. Just look above.