Thursday, September 9, 2010


George and Lynne are in the garden. Lynne tells George it's his turn to do some chores while she freshens up. In the bathroom, Lynne notices a silhouette at the window. It is George who says he thought he'd start by cleaning the windows. Lynne calls him a cheeky devil.

George and Lynne's garden looks a little better than it did the last time it was on show. This may be down to Lynne's work or it may be just because this is a different angle of the garden and all we can see now is a large rock face. This is one hell of a garden.

When Lynne said freshen up, she really meant she was going for a shower. George was not to know this so he decided to get the ladder out and clean the windows, starting with the first floor. He seems quite embarrassed when he sees Lynne in the nude, but strangely doesn't apologise – could this be another one of his ruses to see his own wife without any clothes on?

Lynne doesn't look too happy, but she should be. George is going out of his way to save money by cleaning the windows himself rather than paying for a costly professional to do the job. Granted, George may not do a first rate job, but that is a good £5 that they have saved. Perhaps now they can buy butter.


  1. The simple fact of the matter is that George is sex starved and therefore takes any opportunity to ogle Lynne in the buff.

  2. George has overheard their regular window cleaner talking about that "blonde at #40" and how he times his visits to coincide with bath time.

    George sees a way of saving money AND expanding his game plan to see Lynne naked in a variety of different scenarios. he needs this to spice up his love life.

  3. George has more imagination than people give him credit for, and shows real inventiveness and creativity by this simple ruse. As husband, he is entitled to enjoy his wife, and Lynne enjoys this, too.