Monday, September 27, 2010


George and Lynne are being interviewed by a woman and a cameraman. Lynne says that their marriage is rock solid. The woman asks them if they think that anything would tempt either of them to stray. George says only sexy reporters and Lynne says handsome cameramen.

This is not London Tonight who are doing this interview. The woman is far too scantily dressed to be a professional reporter and the cameraman would have a larger, more sophisticated camera for a show like that. The reporter has invested in a wireless microphone, so that would suggest she is serious about getting into journalism.

From the nature of the questions, this reporting team may be from a tawdry late night show looking at relationships. It could also be from something similar to That's Life. If that footage was sent back to the studio, Esther Rantzen and the gang would have a field day.

It seems that George and Lynne's marriage isn't as rock solid as they say. However we know that their flirting is always harmless. The real truth is that after a hard day with no television gold, the reporter has bribed George and Lynne to say something racy to give the producers of That's Life some footage they can use. The first rule of reporting, don't be afraid to cook the books. This woman will go far.


  1. The looks from the four characters in the last frame say it all. The TV folk are terrified at the predatory nature of George and Lynne, the experienced swingers. The cameraman and presenter need to get out of there quickly before they lose control of the situation.

  2. looks like the cameraman and reporter would like George & Lynne to swap targets...

  3. George & Lynne are not their real names.