Thursday, September 2, 2010


George is on the phone. He tells someone that the heating's gone wrong and it's like a sauna in his house. Whoever he is talking to asks him when the repair man is coming. George says he hasn't got around to calling him yet and looks at Lynne who is ironing naked.

The heating has gone wrong and is constantly on hot. It is so hot in George and Lynne's house that even the walls are sweating. George is hot but is retaining some sort of decency by keeping his shirt on.

How much has boiler technology advanced in the last 25 years? Granted, some boilers are now operated digitally, but many still have a dial function. To couple that, surely every boiler has an 'off' switch? It would be understandable for the boiler to have broken in the winter with George and Lynne ending up freezing. Just switch it off George.

To add this farce, George hasn't even bothered calling the repairman yet. He obviously doesn't feel he's qualified to tamper with a boiler, what with all the gas, but to neglect calling someone who does is just plain silly. The boiler could be on its way to an explosion. He may like the heat, but safety first please. The whole house could go up at any moment.


  1. note how George has tricked Lynne into standing naked in front of the open window. Lynne asked him to set the ironing board up and he placed it where his naked wife can been seen by passers by.

    george is getting more perverted as he gets older: not only is he contriving to get his wife naked but also get her seen by the general public.

    but Lynne can't be so dumb that she doesn't realise this and is only too happy to play along.

  2. I suspect the heat isn't the only reason that George is sweating....

  3. The cartoonists are getting better, but they still have a long way to go to match the old B&Ws from a few years back. This one's kinda clever, however.