Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Lynne is talking to an unnamed man. He is telling her about a woman who is just what he looks for – slim, attractive, has a great figure and never nags or complains. Lynne says she sounds perfect and asks why he doesn't ask her out. The man gazes at a mannequin in a shop window and Lynne says that she now sees why he doesn't and calls him a dummy.

Just who this Joe Strummer wannabe is we don't know. We also don't know why he's latched himself on to Lynne. They must know each other somehow. Luckily, for Lynne, he is not flirting with her but telling her about another woman he likes. This man is quite picky in his tastes and the women he goes for must meet his specific requirements.

His tastes are so specific however that the only women that meet his needs are made of plastic. He has literally fallen in love with this mannequin, the hearts tells us this. He is also either drooling or sweating at the thought of the dummy. The hearts are a little bit sad but in some way endearing, but the drooling and sweating is just deranged. His next port of call will be to hide out in the store until after closing and have his wicked way with this inanimate object. Being arrested and then sectioned are only a few steps behind.


  1. is that George's illegitimate son?

  2. Crikey, doesn't Lynne look rough in the last frame? Has she been having a rough time of it lately or is it because she's so disappointed that the sad case she's talking to doesn't fancy her?

  3. Lynne is, indeed, secretly disappointed that the man has not turned his attention to her.