Tuesday, September 21, 2010


George is at the freezer wondering what to have for dinner. His first option is salmon steaks but he decides against it because they had fish for dinner last night. He then thinks about Chicken Kiev. Finally he asks Lynne what he should take out for dinner to which Lynne replies that he should take her out for dinner.

The thought of dinner is really getting to George. Just look at the frown he has on at the thought of salmon steaks. If he's not careful he'll prematurely wrinkle on his forehead. Is dinner really that much of a chore?

What a large freezer George and Lynne have. They are the sort of people who'll make a batch of food and then freeze the portions for ease of cooking at a later date. Perhaps George is the chef and leaves Lynne with a load of meals that she can defrost in her new microwave oven in case George is stuck at work, which is a more regular occurrence these days. Maybe he's pushing for a promotion.

Due to George's late nights at the office, Lynne takes this opportunity to spend some quality time with her husband so suggests they go out for dinner. It's a snap decision as she's not dressed for a dinner out. She knows she'll have to put some more clothes on before they leave. The Chicken Kiev will just have to wait.


  1. George secretly is pleased with Lynne's suggestion, as he can enjoy being with her.

  2. These oldies are why I started reading G&L 30 years ago. With Lynne dressed like that, the "quality time" will be before dinner! Note also the higher quality drawing and the lack of stupid puns. I'm sure the current cartoonists read this stuff, so they need to take note and get their act together.

  3. Anon: you've hit the nail on the head. the quality of drawing and humour in the new strips is vastly inferior to these ones from the 80s.

    Another example of dumbing down in the media and in society in general.