Wednesday, September 29, 2010


George is at the sweet shop and asks the proprietor for the biggest box of chocolates he has. He goes on to explain that they are for his wife because he had mistakenly said she'd put on weight. The shop owner says that after eating all those chocolates she really will put on weight.

In Wimbledon, all sweet shops are owned by aged Chinese men. This is a regular 80s sweet shop that has jars of different sweets behind the counter and you buy them in quarters. One mistake this Chinese man has made though is writing SWEET on the window on the inside. The people on the inside can see it fine but they already know they are in a sweet shop. Unless of course it is a sweet shop in an old iron mongers so it's only when people come in do they realise they've made a mistake and are now in a sweet shop. It is then that the Chinese man lures them into buying some sweets by displaying all the appetising and mouthwatering products he has.

The box of chocolates that George buys is so large that the shop owner can barely carry them. He's shaking quite a lot. He has made another mistake. There is no way a box that size containing chocolates can be that heavy. This is actually his burglar defence system. When he bought the shop from the iron mongers, a number of horse shoes and iron poles were left. He put them in a large chocolate box to throw at any would be robbers. He hasn't used it for quite a while and forgot what the box contains. George is going to be very disappointed and confused when he gets home.


  1. no wonder Lynne is developing those thunder thighs if George is plying her with chocolate.

    oi! stop it George. If you carry on like this The Sun will find another couple to feature (e.g. Ben and Katie who used to have this gig in the Daily Star) and you will lose a valuable source of income.

    You will be reduced to appearing in Viz.

  2. Nice logic, George. Suggest Lynne is putting on weight and then buy her something to make her put on weight. This is just rubbing salt into the wound, you 1980's imbecile. And given the weight of that box, you're going to be spending some time in hospital when Lynne throws it at your nether regions.

  3. George understands his wife, and knows what she needs.