Monday, September 6, 2010


George and Lynne are out on a boat while an unnamed friend is sitting on a jetty. Lynne asks the friend how her honeymoon cruise was. The friend said it was a disaster because everything was old, decrepit and creaking. George asks if it was the liner that was the problem but the friend says it wasn't, it was actually her new husband.

George and Lynne are out boating again but this time Lynne has decided to cover up a bit. This may be due to a friend being there or that she was caught out last time and ordered to pay a fine. It seems that they have spied the friend on their travels and now George is backing in to get closer. The friend needs to watch her legs as George can't see where he is going and he could hit them with his boat.

George and Lynne's friend has just been on a honeymoon cruise with her new husband who is old. The friend is complaining about this and that it thus turned the trip into a disaster. It begs the question of what she thought he was like. She must have either been married via the post or the husband recently took a miracle tonic to sort him out for the wedding.

She does look like she is staring into nothing though, so perhaps she is blind. She has been wooed by the old man but was never allowed to touch his face, and luckily for him he has a very young sounding voice. She does have super human hearing though and can hear a zimmer frame from a hundred yards. We can only imagine that every time they have met before, he had already arrived.


  1. Lynne's friend knew full well the state of her new husband (as I think did George). She was just setting Lynne up for the tepid punchline.

    she is really disappointed about the fact that she didn't manage to kill the old duffer off on the cruise. he was surprisingly alert to sabatage on the zimmer that could have caused him to fall overboard.

    a couple of people have commented on the relative merits of the "new" colour strips and the old black and whites. how about a deconstruction of one of those older strips some time?

  2. I've got some if you can't find any.

  3. Go to

  4. Got them - look out for an all oldies week coming soon.

  5. The colour strips would be better if the artist actually had more than four crayons.....