Tuesday, September 14, 2010


George and Lynne are out shopping. An unnamed friend asks Lynne how she persuaded George to come shopping with her. She goes on to ask what her secret is. Lynne says it's simple as she holds a trump card, which is their joint credit card.

Lynne has bumped into a friend in the sales. The friend must know that Lynne is an avid shopper and that George is not as she asks how he is there. Why Lynne wants her husband with her when she is shopping we don't know. Initially we may think it is because she wants him to buy some clothes for her.

As George toys with the mutton chops look, Lynne glances at the price of a green dress. She then decides to buy it without even trying it on. No wonder George looks disgruntled – he knows he'll have to come back next week to return the dress because it doesn't fit.

Lynne says her trump card is their joint credit card. Surely if it's their joint credit card, she can use it whenever she wants. Perhaps this credit card needs two signatures when using it, therefore George has to be there. The joint credit card should really only be used for things that they both use, like amenities and holidays. If Lynne is dipping onto the joint account for clothes, they must be coming to the end of their savings. George should give Lynne an allowance if she can't be bothered to work.


  1. They probably only have the one credit card. George is there to keep an eye on what Lynne is buying with it. If he wasn't it would be maxed out in no time at all.

  2. I'm not sure that's the mutton chop look in the second frame. Looks more like a gimp mask that George has put on.

  3. Lynne doesn't realise the effect she has on the saleswoman.