Monday, September 20, 2010


George and Lynne are at home. Lynne says to George that he'll never guess what Mildred has just told her about Maggie and Maurice. George says he won't try to guess and asks Lynne what it was. Lynne says she doesn't like to gossip. George butts in to say that nobody admits to liking to gossip but everyone enjoys it so he asks Lynne about Maggie and Maurice.

Lynne has been out and George has not. She is wearing her Diane Keaton in Annie Hall look which suggests this tale is set in the late 70s, possibly a good 5 years before our usual adventures. George is dressed very casually and certainly wouldn't have been allowed out like that with Lynne as she was dressed so well.

However fashionable Lynne's clothes, she finds them incredibly uncomfortable and has to disrobe as soon as soon as she gets home. Perhaps she has gone with the cheap option and is left with a polyester shirt which is a bit itchy. This maybe before George had become the big wig in the property business, so he couldn't afford to buy her expensive clothes.

It seems we'll never find out about Maggie and Maurice. Lynne knows and George will find out but we are left wanting more. It is inconceivable that Lynne won't tell George because a marriage is based on trust. Of course if George tells someone else and it gets back to Mildred, or even worse Maggie and Maurice, then Lynne will be upset at George for gossiping even though the blame will lie firmly with Lynne. What a quandry she must be in.


  1. It is deeply alarming that George is trying to encourage Lynne to pass on gossip, although Lynne is clearly inviting his interest.

  2. Note the much better drawing in this cartoon vs. the ones we see now.

  3. thanks for explaining the vintage strips. I had been confused about this particular one since the 80s.