Monday, January 4, 2010


George and Lynne are at a New Year's Eve party. Lynne comments to 'Mantha that she is enjoying the party. At midnight George notices that Sammy is dancing and 'Mantha decides it is time to make new year's resolutions. Lynne notices Sammy again and says that he is making a new year's revolution.

Lynne is right, this is some New Year's Eve party. There is a swing band, chicken drumsticks and a banner. Lynne comments to 'Mantha that the party is great as if it is 'Mantha's party. If it is 'Mantha's party then well done her. She has hired a hall and a swing band and managed to get catering too. However, 'Mantha is not being a very good host as she is spending most of her time talking to George and Lynne. The more likely explanation is that this is someone else's party but 'Mantha had been the person who suggested it, so Lynne is in essence thanking 'Mantha for a good idea.

The beginning to this episode takes place near the start of the party; the two couples have just arrived and are amazed at the music and food. The middle of the episode however occurs a lot later, the amount time later being determined by the time at which they arrive at the party. For example if they arrived at the party at 9 o'clock then the middle, and end, happens 3 hours later. We know this happens later for two reasons; the first of which is the time, as mentioned by 'Mantha, and the second is that Sammy is now drunk and has changed his hat from a yellow one to a red one. The party has really heated up during this time as another guest has decided to throw a beer keg across the dancefloor.

At midnight, the dancefloor looks quite busy. Later when Lynne, or is it George, makes her comment, the dancefloor looks empty apart from the gyrating Sammy. He is enjoying himself, and Lynne finds it mildly amusing, but this may be more to do with her smirking at her own witty comment. However George and 'Mantha are not amused one little bit. This is because Sammy's new year's resolution, which he had secretly revealed to George and 'Mantha the day before, was to curb his drinking.

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  1. Nice to see that the New Year has brought no noticeable improvement in the quality of George and Lynne cartoons.