Tuesday, January 12, 2010


George and Lynne have both just got up and George reminds Lynne of the party last night. He then opens the post to see a letter from the bank. Lynne offers him black coffee to help with his hangover, but George exclaims it can't clear their overdraft.

It is morning, but if the party was as good as George says it was it may well be afternoon. If that is the case then this Saturday is already half over. It must be a Saturday as George and Lynne are still in their pyjamas and the post has arrived. It may be a letter left over from yesterday but we have seen before that George likes to get the post as soon as it comes through the door.

George says 'Oh' before he tells Lynne the letter is from the bank. This implies that he thought it was going to be from someone else. Did he finally think his numbers had come up on the premium bonds? Was he expecting a tax rebate? Whatever he expected it was going to be better than a letter from the bank about his overdraft.

Just what financial difficulties are George and Lynne in? This isn't the first time that we have seen that George is having money troubles. On many occasions he has tried to only spend money in the sales and generally curb Lynne's spending. Something tells us that this isn't the first letter from the bank. George may be the sort of person who will purposefully ignore demands for money instead of taking responsibility for his actions. After playfully reminiscing the party, this has turned into quite a serious and depressing episode for George.

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  1. George and Lynne ought to be cutting back on the partying and tennis lessons if they are in financial trouble. And Lynne really ought to be getting a job instead of flirting with her tennis coach.