Monday, January 18, 2010


George and Lynne are at a party. Lynne comments to George that today's weather is perfect for Lyle and Louise's pool party. Louise comes over and George asks her where Lyle is. Louise replies that she doesn't know and she doesn't really care. George assumes that there has been an argument and Lynne says that the outlook has turned stormy, drawing on her previous comment about the weather.

George and Lynne are at a pool party and the weather is beautiful. However they are inside. Lyle and Louise may have an indoor pool and everyone is around it inside a conservatory. Could this be the winter equivalent of the Barker's summer party? Are Lyle and Louise the Barkers? It seems strange that they would have two pools both inside and out at their house so they can't be the Barkers. Lyle and Louise must have realised they would never compete with the Barkers in the summer so they've started their own annual party, but in the heart of winter.

Lyle and Louise have turned the heating way up for their pool party and George is feeling the heat. He has unbuttoned his shirt almost to his naval and half rolled his sleeves up. George didn't really know the format of this party and he arrived wearing a jacket, shirt and tie. It's so much warmer inside Lyle and Louise's conservatory that he's had to loosen his clothes. Had he known it was a sort of summer party in winter he may have arrived in a short sleeved shirt. Other guests are wearing crop tops but Lynne is wearing quite a covering dress so she too didn't know the format. Perhaps next year Lyle and Louise should bill it as a Winter Summer Party.

Lyle and Louise have had a fight so there might not even be another party next year. George is very perceptive but does he know what the fight was about? It may be about only hiring one waiter or only buying white wine for the drinks. Lyle may have been talking to another woman but the most likely reason for their disagreement is the intense heat inside the conservatory. Louise wanted the temperature to fit the time of year so the guests wouldn't be uncomfortable but Lyle was adamant that it should be hot. After the argument, Lyle turned up the thermostat and locked the airing cupboard. Louise is on the hunt for the key and has removed her shawl. She's most annoyed that the waiter has threatened to leave because he is sweating profusely. He did not sign up for this.


  1. Lynne's made a mistake there as she doesn't usually wear such modest clothing. With her usual skimpy attire she would have been much better off.

  2. Louise *is* Lyle, that's why you never see them together. Just look at that jawline. Must make for interesting parties.