Thursday, December 24, 2009


George and Lynne are out carol singing. When they get back, Lynne is cold but tells George that she had fun and now she needs a hot bath. George says that he enjoys carol singing but it's not a patch on Lynne's singing.

George and Lynne are definitely the youngest people in the carol singing troupe. Is this a whim that they started this year or is it a regular occurrence? Do George and Lynne go to choir practice at the church each week? It is certainly not inconceivable. If Lynne is feeling slightly uncomfortable about 30 years younger than anyone else, she is not showing it as she is doing it for George. Just look at how much he is enjoying it! He has his eyes closed and is really throwing everything into this particular carol. It was George's idea to join the choir.

George is in need of a new winter coat. He has been wearing that same blue wind cheater all year. Everyone else is wearing a heavy winter coat and George thinks he can beat the cold just with the addition of a scarf. That scarf isn't really going to make much difference with it hanging out like that. He really needs to tuck it inside his jacket to create that extra layer he so needs. George should be going to the sales with Lynne after Christmas.

George says he enjoys carol singing, as we have seen from his expression. He then says it's not a patch on Lynne's singing. He has been standing next to Lynne for the past hour singing. You would think that he would have time between songs to turn to Lynne and comment on how lovely her voice is. Oh should that be how much better her singing is. It was not even one month ago that George was recoiling in horror at Lynne's singing. It now seems that Lynne took that advice on board and has been having singing lessons. Either that or it really was the smell of the bathroom that made George gag. Maybe that is why he is still keeping his distance from that foul smelling room.


  1. A bit like the swimming pool, Lynne seems to have the shallowest bath known to man - or does she have to have one of those contraptions that raise and lower you into the water?

  2. I don't think it's a shallow bath. I reckon all those bubbles are Lynne dropping her guts and she has lifted herself up to get the full effect. It would certainly fit in with theory that George was "keeping his distance from that foul smelling room".