Wednesday, January 27, 2010


George and Lynne are in the car. George is unhappy that Lynne always flirts with other drivers in traffic jams. When they arrive, George asks her why she doesn't flirt with him. Lynne replies that she doesn't want to distract him but George says it's a bit late for that.

George really does look upset with Lynne's flirting. If it is a large traffic jam there's quite a few men that Lynne will be flirting with. The luxury haired man she is currently smiling at looks pretty happy with his current situation but he must know it isn't going to lead anywhere. Maybe he is just happy that a pretty lady smiled at him. He will have to be careful if the jam eases though as he is not looking in front of him at the moment.

When they arrive at their destination George confronts Lynne about the incessant flirting. What an awkward drive it must have been. After they got out of the traffic jam Lynne will have been making normal conversation and George will be increasingly distant and fiddling with the radio. Lynne has obviously asked 'Oh for heaven's sake George, what's wrong?'.

So this is the outside of George and Lynne's house. Although we have seen a variety of close ups, usually when George is tinkering with his car, we have never seen the outside of their house. It is a nice house; it is what looks like a detached house with its own driveway and garage. There is little to no attic space so options for a vertical extension are non-existent. We must assume that it is a good purchase though as George, a leading local property lawyer, wouldn't buy a turkey of a house. Unless he is just a pawn in Lynne's game, but then Lynne would know a good property when she sees one.


  1. it's quite a nice house, though how hard it will be to sell on I just don't know. You don't see many 1930s houses with integrated garages opposite bay windows. Talking of bay windows, George will need to get that subsistence looked at ASAP. He has been very negligent in letting the crack underneath the bay window get so dangerously large. That whole side wall could come down at any moment

    Still, perhaps the security will make up for any ascetic or structural deficiancies; it looks to be a stoutly defendable home, with severe looking bars blocking a casual thief's entry via any window. Might I venture that it almost looks too defendable, as if George has something in there he wants to keep private. It's the type of House Fred West would definitely approve of, that's all I am saying.

    Alas, in their haste to depart, George's forgotten to shut the front door. He has forgotten to afix his fake plates, too. He was lucky, this time.

    Cracks, left open doors, unfixed registration plates. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy George.

    Is there something on your mind perhaps?

  2. The flirtee would naturally feel uneasy next to Lynne. Certainly, she's all eyes, teeth and cleavage as far as he can see, which would urn many heads, but he runs a massive risk with George in the car. What if George is unstable? Or invites him round for a threesome? Any natural Englishman will return her smile then continue to enjoy the view at a distance - he will not want to risk further entaglement.

  3. To be honest, the person in the other car looks like a woman to me. So maybe Lynne swings both ways. In conjunction with George's apparent liking for either hookers or transexuals, their private life is a complicated matter.

  4. Well, you won't ever get me living in Wimbledon - that house is definitely sliding down the hill and has a strange terrace-like feel to it. Is their life a series of strange delusions? And driving through Wimbledon common with no number plates is worrying to say the least.