Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Lynne comments that Vicky has given her a calender of shirtless men. Lynne says that Vicky thought she might like it but Lynne says she'd rather have a date with this hunk, and hugs George.

Lynne is talking to George but George is not looking her way. We know this because after drawing attention to the calendar, she then has to tell George it is a calendar. He may of course be looking her way but his eyesight wasn't what it used to be. All he saw was the fuzzy outline of a topless men and his face started contorting with rage, filling up with red much like in other cartoons. Lynne saw her error and immediately threw in what she was actually holding up.

George's rage has yet to subside so Lynne had to appease him once more with a loving gesture. She walks over and tells George that she's not interested in shirtless workmen when she must be rather alarmed at the fact the man she is now hugging is not in fact George! It's almost as if this is a play and due to illness the part of George will be played by Gary Lineker. But it isn't Gary Lineker, it is in fact George but he does look rather gaunt. He has lost a lot of weight and the lines are forming on his face. Does he usually hook himself up to a dialysis machine on weekends in order to beef up his immune system? When Lynne hugs him she seems to grimace a little, realising that the next few years of looking after a dying George may be more than she bargained for.


  1. Does Lynne have a C-section scar in the 2nd panel??

  2. The dates in that calendar are all over the place. It seems to be counting down, if anything. Maybe Vicky knew that george would not like cuts outs from Women Only (if that existed in 1982) so she tacked a calendar on it to obscure it for Lynne. Unfortunately, she used a bbc micro to design the calendar and it all went wrong.