Thursday, January 21, 2010


George and Lynne are in bed. George tells Lynne that his boss said that they were all cogs in the company machine but some are old, rusty and out of use. George puts Lynne's mind at ease by telling her that he was not one of them. Lynne agrees.

George has had a bad day at work but he is glad he can discuss it with Lynne before they go to sleep. It sounds like the staff at George's work have not been firing on all cylinders and that the boss is not happy. She has already fired, and physically abused, an employee for being too old and now it seems she is threatening to fire anyone over the age of 50 without hesitation. Is that anyway to run a business?

George has been given the dreaded vote of confidence. He seems happy about this but it means he will have to work extra hard to prove his worth to the company. If his numbers next month are below par he won't be lasting long. It must be hard for George to work in that sort of environment.

Lynne seems to know just how George gets on at work. Is she moonlighting in his office in order to bring in some money? Perhaps she is a silent partner and has a deep secret that she has kept from George all these years. This is why she's happy with spending all that money. To George she stays at home all day and lunches with various friends, but actually she is a high powered business woman. It may be that she has employed George herself from behind closed doors to give him the impression that he is the bread winner of the two, when in fact he has no idea what he's doing and every report he turns in is complete drivel. His pay packet is a fabrication and Lynne secretly deposits a wage into his account every month. On a particularly busy month she sometimes forgets and this is why George keeps thinking he is broke. The truth is that they do not have any money worries at all.

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  1. I believe George to be LYNNE'S MOTHER!!!!


    Her mother runs the most successful estate agent in Wimbledon. She sells to the Sheiks (who were the only rich people in 1983 which is how she met her billionaire husband). She sells, not sea shells on the sea shore, but houses near the world famous tennis courts. George is employed as a property lawyer, responsible for checking local planning regulations, deeds and access rights for these billionaires

    It was Lynne's mother who summoned George into her office all those days ago!

    No wonder his only male friend is a hopeless drunk. What man, in the 80s, would work for a) a woman and b)his wife's mother. His friends would tease him mercilessly.