Thursday, January 7, 2010


George and Lynne are out cycling. George tells Lynne that cycling is good for you. Lynne gets a puncture and bends down to fix it, causing two other cyclists to cycle into the pond. George comments that swimming is also good for you, which is lucky for the men now in the pond.

George and Lynne are on a popular cycling path. Not only are they enjoying a bike ride but four other men are too. Two of the men, as we know, end up in the pond which is next to the path. Although they are likely to blame Lynne's revealing outfit, they only have themselves to blame for cycling too close to the water. The man in the red certainly is and then the man in the blue has decided to perform a wheelie right at the point when Lynne bends over. For such a busy cycle path, it was the wrong place to start doing tricks.

From George's initial comment about cycling's benefits we can deduce that Lynne has not been cycling for a while. She must have been cycling once before otherwise she would be falling off and into the water herself but she can't be very experienced when it comes to bicycle maintenance because what she thinks is a puncture looks more like a completely buckled front wheel. Surely she should know the difference between a puncture and a broken wheel? Perhaps she has heard the term puncture and just thinks it means something to do with the wheel not working. This is where George should step in although it seems he has turned into Jason Patric.

By the end of this little episode, there are no less than 4 men in the pond. The first two we know about but the man in black has now joined them. He has appeared from a long way off as he was not behind George and Lynne when they initially stop. He may have been shocked by Lynne's bum but he also may have thought that a celebrity was on his cycle route. The fourth man to cycle into the water is one of the men in white who were on the path. The last man is the most frightened of the lot as his face has turned as white as a sheet. Although George is right that swimming is good for you, this man will not agree as he does not know how to swim hence his shock. He should have thought of a different place to exercise if he was so afraid of water.


  1. Lynne really should bend her legs more when bending over like that. She's just asking for a bad back, especially as she quite top heavy.

  2. It's nice to see a good old-fashioned 'ooer' again, they're seldom seen of late.

  3. Is Lynne wearing light coloured knickers or none at all ? Or maybe a thong ?

  4. looks like none to me