Thursday, January 28, 2010


Lynne and 'Mantha are eating ice cream when Lynne tells 'Mantha that she went to see a garage band at the weekend. 'Mantha asks if it was any good to which Lynne replies that it was very cramped. 'Mantha asks if that was because there were too many people there but Lynne explains that is was actually because there was a car, some bicycles and a lawnmower there.

Lynne and 'Mantha seem to have been transported to the set of a John Hughes movie. They are casually eating ice-cream whilst wearing cropped trousers and sitting on ledges. Is this the local park or college? It is very difficult to understand where they are. The background looks like the outside of a council building or new library. Maybe this is where 'Mantha works and Lynne has popped in for an impromptu ice cream to take advantage of the clement weather.

Lynne says that 'we' went so we can only assume that she went with George. George seems like the sort of man who wouldn't be interested in popular music but perhaps he will do anything Lynne asks him to do. He wanted to stay home and sample that new scotch he bought or watch Surprise Surprise, but not this Saturday. He has been dragged to see loud music because Lynne wants to regain her youth.

It is a wonder who got the wrong end of the stick about this garage band. Was it Lynne who didn't realise the band were actually playing in a garage or those people who brought their transport into the concert. You can understand if a few people asked to leave their bikes in the corner but you have to wonder firstly how they got a car in there and secondly who came to the show on a lawnmower? Perhaps it was a sit-on lawnmower and the owner was worried it might be stolen if he left it outside. The owner of this venue should be a little more strict with his patrons parking if he wishes to attract bands bigger than The Chesterfield Kings, who George and Lynne went to see.


  1. It seems to me that Lynne is thinking about becoming a stand up comedienne, to use the 1980's word. She can't seriously have gone to seen a band literally in a garage unless she and George are particular fans of a little known and very poorly supported group. No, I think George and Lynne would be most likely to go and see Dire Straits or Genesis rather than some local bunch of rockers.

    Assuming Lynne is working out some material for a stand up act, I think she can look forward to a lot of heckles and flying bottles as she is clearly rubbish. Even the simple minded 'Mantha has only raised a half smile at Lynne's best material. And she's a friend.

  2. But if she went to see The Chesterfield Kings she's smarter than we thought - they're pretty good!

  3. That last frame gives the impression 'Mantha's head is being squeezed between two vertical girders.