Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lynne is out and about with Harry. She asks him how his shooting weekend in the country was. Harry tells Lynne that he thought it was most enjoyable and adds that he bagged a brace of birds. Lynne sees that he means a couple of women who are in his car.

Another shopping trip for Lynne. The money worries of George do not seem to concern her at all. She has three bags from what looks like the same designer boutique. A boutique so upmarket and elite that it doesn't even put the name of the store on its bags. You have to know where to go if you want to compete with Lynne in shopping circles.

Lynne is with Harry, who we have seen a few times before and is known as the local playboy. He has recently been away for the weekend to the country for the purpose of shooting. By the way he says he bagged a brace of birds, even though it is a double meaning, shows that he really did shoot game birds rather than just clay pigeons. This is the sort of weekend men go on for stag events. Harry may have gone with a few friends for this purpose or he may have been on some sort of business team building exercise. He drives a sports car so it is likely he has a high powered job.

Harry has brought both the women he met on the shooting weekend back with him. Two questions arise here. The first is whether the two women are from the country or were on a trip similar to the one Harry was on. Was there a coincidence that they both lived in south west London, thus giving Harry a perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation, or are they from Derbyshire, where Harry has been, and he has invited them both down the following weekend to see the big smoke? Judging by their outfits, it seems as though they are country girls and have not yet learnt the etiquette of Saturday driving attire. The second question is just how long Harry has left them in the car. The start of this episode suggests that Harry has been walking around with Lynne for quite some time and the last frame shows that the women were getting restless and just about to jump out of the car. However the 'P' on the shop window could well be the start of the word Pharmacy, thus suggesting that Harry has pulled his sports car over and jumped out to the chemist to buy some extra protection for this evening's antics. You cad Harry!


  1. Judging by the look he's giving her in the second frame, it appears that Harry is trying to get into Lynne's knickers.

  2. I'd suggest that Lynne is keeping up appearances (and doing her bit for the environment, even though the environment didn't exist in the 70s) and reusing her boutique shopping bags.

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