Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Lynne is sitting on George's car and asks him what the price of failure is. George replies that the price of his failure to spot a speed camera was a £60 fine.

George and Lynne the vampire chronicles continues although Lynne has made a little bit more effort to hide her immortal skin tone than George has. You'd think that with that much make-up to apply that she wouldn't constantly be wearing such revealing outfits. We will accept that George and Lynne have a sinister other life and speak no more about it.

Lynne is sitting on the bonnet of George's car which might be very distracting for him when he is trying to pump up the front tyre. It may also make it a little bit trickier as the extra weight is adding to the pressure on the tyre. Could he not just ask her to get off the car while he is pumping the tyres? Lynne must think she is not that heavy, but she may be in for a shock if she gets off that car and finds she's left a dent.

George is going to any length to avoid that speeding fine. He may actually be letting air out of his tyres to show a policeman, or a court, that he wasn't even out driving that day, but repairing his car. He has also decided to change the number plates. This could be George's last £60 and there is no way he will pay it, even though changing his number plates may have been just as expensive, unless he has called in a favour from a local gangster. If he has then he might be in for more than he bargained for later on. Never owe a gangster anything. Lynne, time to call your mother again.


  1. I think this strip gives clear evidence that Goerge and Lynne exist in or near current times rather that the early 1980's. Firstly, despite the change in bonnet size between the first and second frames, that is a very modern Mercedes. Secondly, speed cameras weren't around in the early 1980's.

  2. George must be in deeper financial trouble than we thought. Either that or he has hit on a wheeze to avoid the fine: He has sold his genuine merc and picked up a cut and shut. Either to pay off debts, or to avoid the ticket. At the front, while it looks like a merc, at the back it looks like either a jaguar mk 2 or a latter day rover. Lynne must be thick as fuck not to notice that. George will start to hate her soon, for sure.

    Speeding cameras in 1983 must have been quite primitive and expensive. I am amazed that George sped past it, not slowed down to look at the space age technology and then mutter something racist about the japanese company who manufactured it. Great Britain in the 1980s was incapable of such technological innovation, alas. 60 pounds was a lot then but I suppose the wimbledon police force would have had to pay for it somehow and if George is that unobservant a driver, he deserves to pay every last pound note of that fine.

  3. somni - thank you.

    Peter - don't spoil it.