Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Lynne is lying on her bed and tells George that she rang her mother but she was out shopping. George asks if she was out with her new billionaire husband. Lynne says that she was and that they went out to buy the latest model. George asks if it is a car they are buying but Lynne tells him it is a Lear Jet and throws a paper aeroplane.

Lynne rang her mother yet she knows exactly where her mother is. In this day and age before the mobile telephone she must have just got the answering machine. This suggests that Lynne's mother is just the sort of person who will change her answering machine message every time she leaves the house so any potential callers will know exactly where she is. That is a lot of wasted minutes.

It seems that George and Lynne's money troubles are over. Lynne's mother has married a billionaire. This is most probably the reason Lynne has been spending so readily recently. She is hedging her bets a bit thinking that her mother will give her a lot of money if they get too deep in debt. Lynne may have been calling her mother to ask for money but she could have just been calling to show what a loving daughter she is, so that when the time comes when she has to ask for money it won't be out of the blue.

Talking of blue, both George and Lynne look incredibly pale. Has their nutrition gone so downhill with the lack of money and food? The other explanation is that George (or Lynne, but why would Lynne dream of herself in her underwear) is dreaming and in this dream he and Lynne are in fact zombies or vampires. Unless of course this is real life and George and Lynne really are the undead. Everyday they have to put on make-up to make themselves look alive enough to blend in with the human race. In truth, every night they lure one of Lynne's friends back to their house to feast on her blood. That is the reason we only see these friends once.


  1. Would anyone really say "with her new billionaire husband"? Thought not. It strikes me that George is really just a stooge for Lynne's piss poor jokes and he really ought to have more self repect. After all, he is a leading property lawyer.

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