Tuesday, December 15, 2009


George brings Lynne breakfast in bed for which she is thankful. George then drops the breakfast which makes Lynne unhappy.

Lynne's breakfast consists of some tea and a flower, which is hardly breakfast. This is either down to George's inability to even toast some bread or Lynne thinks that a hearty breakfast will ruin her figure. That is of course if the flower is just for show. That could be Lynne's breakfast.

If George had made toast it may have made less of a mess than the pot of tea. Whatever the breakfast was, Lynne is now right browned off that she has both missed breakfast and is now sitting in a wet bed. The question still remains, what made George trip up? It could be a rug, it could be a loose slipper. The real reason why George tripped is that he stepped on a mouse.


  1. that is either a massive pillow or a tiny bed. That pink satin quilt and a heart shape pillow must surely help emasculate George. 1982 + that bed + a woman boss will be wreaking havoc on his male psyche.

    No wonder he apes a Morrissey pose in the last frame.

  2. And what is with that hair - that strange zig-zag piece must take some work