Wednesday, December 16, 2009


George has arrived home from work and Lynne asks him how it was. George tells Lynne that his boss has asked him what he is bringing to the next board meeting. George says he told her he would bring sandwiches and a flask of tea in case it went on as long as usual.

George is wearing a blue suit, a grey shirt and a black and red tie. This is a different outfit to when we last saw George in work mode. Then he was wearing a blue shirt, purple tie and cream trousers, which may have been part of a suit, or may have just been some chinos. The presence of a jacket today suggest that either it is a lot cooler than before or that George had to see some clients. The boss has asked him about the next board meeting so perhaps today wasn't the day of a meeting. We now know that George must own a number of shirts and ties. I would think he owns three suits.

George is very brave. The only time we have seen a glimpse of his boss, she has grabbed an employee by the tie because he was fiddling his expenses. That man was never seen again. She has asked George what he is bringing to the next board meeting. She did not ask because she wanted to know what material items he would bring, but what input he would have in it. She is probably asking this because in the last board meeting George was extremely quiet and when he was asked about this month's figures he stuttered and started sweating. George is now on thin ice. He has to pull his weight and wow the directors in the next board meeting otherwise it could be his last.

The joke that he made won't have gone down well with the boss. She is not impressed with George's current work rate and this won't have helped. George should be putting in extra hours and all he is thinking about is that there should be sandwiches. If he's not careful, he'll be delivering the sandwiches to that board meeting.


  1. Is Lynne blushing at the mention of the board meeting? Is this because her and George got a little bit frisky on the table in the boardroom last year, after slipping away from the office Christmas celebrations. Or is she fearful that George has found out about the little trysts that she's been having on the occasions when her husband needs to stay late to share his frankly woeful monthly numbers with the rest of the board?

  2. So Lynne has a foot fetish? Interesting.