Wednesday, December 23, 2009


George and Lynne are out shopping buying Christmas decorations. Lynne says that Christmas wouldn't be the same without holly. George adds that mistletoe is equally important. He then decides to try it out and kisses Lynne.

Christmas shopping may be over for George and Lynne but the decorations still need to be purchased. This trip to the shops has happened the day after the previous present buying because George is wearing a rust coloured suit rather than the blue wind cheater he wore previously. This means that Lynne was wrapping the presents at home when George was at work and then had a sudden panic as she looked around to see her bare house. She immediately called George and demand that they go to the shops after work, or dragged him out at lunch time for a last minute decoration buying spree. George's boss must be on her Christmas holiday already.

Lynne likes holly and is weighing which of the two sprigs is the best. Is she only planning on buying one sprig? Their house will not look very festive with just one sprig of holly on the mantlepiece, so George is right to buy some mistletoe to add to the festive feel of the house.

The reason that they are only buying one sprig of each is that it's so expensive. Lynne hands over at least two notes to the shop keeper. These could be two one pound notes as the pound coin wasn't introduced until 1983, but it could be two five pound notes, or most likely one five pound note and one one pound note. £6 for holly and mistletoe is very steep. The shop keeper must be taking advantage of the last minute rush to buy decorations that he has seen over the last few days and jacked his prices. That said, even his cold money grabbing heart is thawed by the affection between George and Lynne. They still won't be able to afford one of his trees though.

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  1. I appreciate that George and Lynne is a wofully unfunny cartoon at the best of times but this one just seems to be the most pathetic yet.

    Thank God for this blog's dissection of each strip and the laugh it gives me most days.