Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Lynne is talking to a vicar. She asks him about the interesting marriage she heard that he performed last week. The vicar confirms that it was Tim and Tina that told him they would be marrying in pink but he didn't quite realise what they meant, which was that they were getting married in the nude.

Lynne is leaning provocatively over that altar and the vicar doesn't look amused. If she's not careful, her ample bosom will knock over the cross and candle. Has Lynne just popped in for a chat with the vicar? Is she there for confession and decided to stay for a chinwag? The circumstances of Lynne's visit to the church today are most intriguing. She may be just on one of her outings and decided to pop in to the church on the off chance that the vicar could confirm the rumour she heard about a naked wedding.

However disgruntled the vicar may be with Lynne's cleavage, he is more than willing to explain the marriage in question. He never actually tells us that they were married in the nude but he never denies it either. He knows that Lynne knows they were married in the nude so it isn't necessary for him to say they were married in the nude, more just to say that he was surprised at what happened that day. It sounds as though it was an interesting day but not one that the vicar would like to draw attention to and he certainly doesn't want the church to start getting a reputation for a place where you can have unusual marriage ceremonies.

Tina and Tim really are attention seekers. You could imagine a nude wedding where everyone who was invited was a naturist but not them. They probably didn't even mention it on the invite but kept it a secret deliberately to shock people. Everyone else who has come to the wedding, and the people we can see look like the parents, are wearing normal wedding attire, as they should. Perhaps they have some naturist friends on the other side of the church who are also in the nude but the official photographer has decided not to capture them.


  1. It's not 100% clear but it appears that the vicar is taking a peek at Tina's norks in the last picture. Not that I blame him, of course. If she is a typical friend of Lynne's then she will have very large boobs indeed. And they are infinitely preferable to Tim's todger. Unless of course the vicar is actually a Catholic priest but that is another story.

  2. Tina does seem to have a nasty rash on her backside.

  3. ... a rash that seems to match the one all over the Vicar's head.
    ... This raises some sordid implications!