Monday, December 14, 2009


Lynne sees a mouse and screams at George. George says he will get rid of it and Lynne thanks him. She then wonders where the mice keep coming from. George goes to a pet shop to buy another mouse where the proprietor tells George he wishes his wife's legs were like Lynne's.

George is releasing mice into his bedroom purely so he can get a look at his own wife's legs. This seems quite an extravagant plan, especially when she is already wearing exposing negligee. It would be easier for George to see his wife's legs just by being in the house. She's half dressed enough of the time that releasing rodents seems a little over the top. The pet shop owner wishes to see Lynne's legs but really he should be asking George why he has to do this.

Lynne is wondering where the mice keep coming from. She is just thankful for it to be gone, but never once does she think that the rodent problem is getting out of hand and that George should hire an exterminator. How often is he releasing these mice? It seems he is leaving just enough time between mice so that Lynne doesn't hire pest control but also so that George gets all the plaudits for taking care of it. Or does he have one in his pocket waiting for Lynne to wear that particular item of clothing.

George goes to buy another mouse from a pet shop. This means that after every time he 'catches' the mouse, he must kill it, or release it into the wild. He should just keep the one mouse with his fishing gear. Maybe he thinks Lynne will get suspicious when she keeps seeing the same mouse. Lynne is very perceptive so George has to buy a new mouse each time.


  1. This is my favourite yet. I love the deadpan delivery of "another mouse please"

    Why is it that the sign for the pet shop is the right way round? (you would assume it is on the window, and therefore would be reversed if viewed from the inside). Is it to remind the owner that, yes, he does indeed work in a pet shop?

  2. The final panel is telling - the pet shop owner's wife is wheelchair-bound, she lost both legs in a pet-related incident involving a crocodile and the owner wishes she still had legs, like Lynne.

  3. From the look of it, that mouse is already dead - ever seen a living mouse lying on its side? Which means that either George is getting cut-price dead mice from the Pet Shop, or he's killing them before placing them