Thursday, December 17, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are at a disco. Lynne comments that two guys are giving her and 'Mantha the eye. The two guys start to come over and Lynne remids 'Mantha that they are married. It turns out that the two guys thought that Lynne and 'Mantha were old teachers from school. 'Mantha is not happy.

Lynne is still rocking the Heavy Metal look. She has gone to a young person's discotheque and has deemed this the outfit of choice. This is probably the most suitable occasion for this outfit after the local pub and the beach walk. 'Mantha on the other hand has gone for the shortest skirt imaginable. Once again her earring match her top, thus implying that she has as many earrings as there are colours.

Lynne thinks that the two guys are giving them the eye. This means that they think these two young men are looking at them in a sexy way. They are standing very close to Lynne and 'Mantha which means that they usually wear glasses but have decided not to wear them to the discotheque as wearing glasses suggests you are a mathematician, which is a look they do not want to pass on, even though they are likely to be mathematics students.

The man on the right is wearing a very poorly made Sergio Tacchini shirt, which is quite casual for a fashionable discotheque especially considering Lynne and 'Mantha's outfits. However the most intriguing dress is the man over Lynne's right shoulder at the end. It looks like an old man who is wearing large hooped earrings and two rows of pearls. Have the girls stumbled upon a special club? The sign behind them clearly says 'Rock', but the woman who is between the ladies also looks of age. Perhaps they are there to pick up their son. I'm sure the man in the Sergio Tacchini shirt will be quite embarrassed that his mum and transvestite father have come into the club and not waited in the car.


  1. With all that rouge, there's something of the tranny about 'Mantha in this strip, so that may explain the club. Indeed we *assume* the sign says Rock, but we never see the first letter - the clues are all there.

    As opposed to Sergio Tacchini, my initial instinct was 'Tennents Super' (

  2. There's *always* something of the tranny about 'Mantha, with her square jaw and accessory obsession. And there's a clue right there in the name.

  3. ... a clue in her name ... and also the behaviour of her husband.
    Full marks to Sammy for sticking with his 'wife', but enough is enough, you're drinking yourself into an early grave ... time to move on Sam!