Thursday, December 3, 2009


George is at work. An unnamed colleague is knocking on the boss's door saying that the boss wants to talk to him. When George enquires what it is about the colleague replies that it is about his fertile imagination. George thinks that this is a good thing but the colleague explains that it is not when it comes to his expenses.

What an interesting insight into George's office life. In George's office he wears a tie, as does his colleague, and it is warm/stressful enough for both of them to have started to roll up their sleeves. They come in in jackets but when the going gets tough, they start to roll up their sleeves. It also helps not to get ink on their sleeves when they are writing out contracts.

This colleague is worried. He should be worried. Even if he hadn't fiddled his expenses he'd be on his way out anyway. Look at him, he's a grandad! We don't need dinosaurs like him in the Wimbledon property lawyer business. It's a cut throat industry and is no place for old timers like him. If he's lucky he'll get a pay off and a good pension.

The boss is THE BOSS and has it on the door. No one knows the boss' name but the boss is feared and revered in equal measure. The Boss is also.... a woman!! Yes, look at the arm in the last frame. It is hard yet feminine. It has two gold bracelets and and shows bare flesh. This is big news for a female boss in 1982. What with George being so attractive, and such a good property lawyer, I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't made some advances during a late evening slog. Of course George refused and The Boss admired his integrity and promoted him. The Boss is played by Cherie Lunghi.

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  1. I don't think George's colleague has too much to worry about. In 1982, a woman grabbing a man by his tie has only one thing on her mind and it isn't sacking him . Getting him into the sack maybe, but not dismissal. And if by some slim chance she does want to dismiss him, she has surely carried out an assault by grabbing him by the neckwear and George is a witness to this.