Monday, December 21, 2009


Lynne comes through the door having been shopping. She tells George that a new breakfast cereal was on special offer so she bought a dozen boxes. George asks whether this will help her lose weight. Lynne says it already has as she lost three pounds just carrying the boxes home.

George's face shows shock when Lynne comes through the door. This is because he asked Lynne to pop out and get something nice for dinner and she has come back with 12 boxes of cereal. What was she thinking? Lynne must be a sucker for a deal. George should know this and not send her to big supermarkets. There's a deal on every aisle. George is lucky she didn't buy 25 bottles of washing up liquid and half a tonne of cat food.

Lynne has lost three pounds carrying the shopping. How does she know this? As far as we can see, she has come through the front door, collapsed on the sofa through exhaustion and thrown the cereal boxes everywhere. The sofa must have built in scales. That is state of the art furniture. By combining these items, Lynne can now know just how much weight her dinner has made her gain. This is surely the reason for Lynne dieting obsession. It really can't help that you constantly know your weight.

Lynne is visibly sweating from her strenuous walk. Her face is red and she is tired. George really should be offering a glass of water to cool Lynne down. Instead he offers her his most recent urine sample. This may be the reason why George could not go to the supermarket. He has been ill and needs to give a urine sample to the doctor. He does not look ill so it might be that he has to have a random drugs test from work and he thinks it is essential to provide a sample immediately, even though it is Saturday. The last thing that Lynne needs right now is George's hot wee in her face.

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