Monday, December 7, 2009


Lynne is in the shower singing and George does not look happy. When she comes out of the shower, Lynne asks George if he thinks her body needs toning. George replies that it is perfect but tells her that her voice could use some tuning. Lynne does not look happy.

Lynne likes to sing in the shower. Even though she has dabbled in the heavy metal scene, her song of choice is a simple melody. Perhaps it is Hey Jude. Whatever it is, George feels as though he is listening to a cat dying. Either that or he is utterly disgusted at the sight of Lynne washing.

When Lynne gets out of the shower she reaches for a towel. It is the same colour as the one which George is holding earlier, but that does not necessarily mean it is the same towel. People sometimes buy towels in a set which means they have more than one towel of the same colour and size. It is likely that there are some hand towels and flannels which are also that shade of pink too. But it could be the same towel. It could be that Lynne's singing was out of range until George thoughtfully came into the bathroom to put down a towel that had just come out of the dryer. It is only now that he has heard the disgrace that is Lynne's singing voice.

Lynne reaches for a towel but she does not seem remotely wet. Her hair is impeccable and there are no drops of water on her. The lines in the first panel suggest that water is inside the shower area, but the same shading is on the bathroom mirror. This may just be suggesting that George and Lynne's bathroom is in dire need of a clean. So Lynne has been just standing in the shower for the last ten minutes pretending to wash. Not only is the bathroom in need of a wash, but so is Lynne. How long has she been doing this? It might not even be Lynne's singing that is causing George's grimace, but the smell when he has entered the bathroom.

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  1. When money was no object for George and Lynne they had a bathroom refit in the colours of the moment purple and white. Lynne went for the complete look, with matching bath towels,, hand towels, facecloths - the lot. Now, some years down the line, it needs redoing, but where is the money to come from?