Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lynne is in the garden. She tells George that the garden needs weeding. She then tells George that the grass needs cutting and that the hedge needs trimming. George runs off saying that the pub needs visiting.

All this time and George and Lynne's garden still needs some work. The idea of getting a gardener must have fallen by the wayside in recent months because of the economic crisis George has been having. Those little luxuries need to be sacrificed and Lynne has agreed that a gardener is a step too far. She may also have had second thoughts after seeing what Lady Blenkinsop's son was doing with their gardener.

George does not want to do this work and so runs to the pub. Does the pub really need visiting? Is he currently bashing out a contract for a potential new owner and is overseeing a survey? Is he in the local darts team in an important semi-final match? Or is it just that George is shirking his responsibilities? It is your garden as well George, although you wouldn't know it.

How close is this pub to George and Lynne's house? George is shouting to Lynne at the end so he must be in earshot of her. Also he must have heard Lynne's cries for horticultural help in order for him to say that. Unless he is emulating Lynne by pausing for 10 minutes before delivering his witty riposte, that pub can be no more that 40 yards from their house. If that is the case, it is odd that we haven't heard of it before. Sammy should be constantly at George's trying to persuade him to go for a quick drink, although saying that, it is now obvious why we never see Sammy round George and Lynne's anymore because he cannot escape the lure of the pub. The name Ferryboat Inn suggests George and Lynne live very close to the river, which would explain the numerous boating trips.


  1. Looks to me like George is running away from the pub in the last picture. And he wants to mind his head on that sign.

  2. Sorry, I can't get past Lynne on fours.....

  3. oh my, and the security word as "prinshag"

  4. Great dramatic zoom onto Lynne in the first 3 frames, suggesting that a plant monster is approaching to attack her (having first stimulated the vegetation into abnormal growth).