Tuesday, December 8, 2009


George and Lynne are sailing in the rain. Lynne is complaining about her hair and make-up and that she is soaked. George retorts that Lynne said she'd love to go sailing. Lynne explains that she thought George meant sailing into the sunset.

George is being very reckless here. I'm not sure who is more to blame; George for going out in that weather or the coastguard for letting him go out in that weather. George would have to be a very experienced sailor to go out in such choppy waters but surely an experienced sailor wouldn't go out in those waters.

If that wasn't bad enough, he's taking Lynne who has never even been sailing before. It would have been a lot easier to take Lynne out on her maiden voyage on a nice sunny day. Although Lynne's comment is a little bit silly, she has a point. Let her get a few trips under her belt before subjecting her to rain.

Lynne wanted to sail into the sunset, but she must know that it really isn't possible. The appearance of sailing into the sunset is only really seen by those on the shore watching a boat sail towards the horizon. When you're actually in the boat you will never reach the horizon, the sun will set and you'll be left in the dark a long way from shore. Lynne has been watching one too many romantic films.


  1. Lynne is pulling a true minger face in the final panel, whereas she's usually so chic. Apparently her hair and makeup are ruined, which will be getting her down, but the wind and rain have also affected her otherwise classical bone structure too, leaving her looking like a slurring drunkard. Not a good day for Lynne. George will pay for this all week...

  2. To be fair to George, Lynne could make a bit of an effort and get under cover. Or at least put her hood up. She only has herself to blame for her ruined hair.

    A thought occurs to me. Why did she take waterproofs with her when she was expecting to "sail into the sunset"? If she was expecting rain then she can't complain.